Speak Up for Museums

Heh…we’re all dancing the same dance after all.  Got an email today from the American Association of Museums (AAM) letting folks know that they better be on the Hill February 23 and 24 if they want the money train to keep a runnin’.  Now that’s crass of me, you say.  It’s not just about money…it’s advocacy.  It’s improving the state of society through education, awareness and the protection of intellectual resource centers (aka museums).  Yup, and money.

We librarians are all about advocacy too, though sometimes I just don’t get the way we go about it.  I feel out of the loop, even when I try to be in the loop on the library advocacy process.  Anybody else feel the same way?

So, go check the AAM sponsored website: http://www.speakupformuseums.org/ and then while you’re at it, go check out the ALA’s website: http://www.ala.org/ala/issuesadvocacy/index.cfm

We need to start teaming up with these museum people more.  We’re all singing the same song, dancing the same dance, and yet at times, it feels like we’re working in two completely different worlds.  That can’t go on.  Let’s gang up, get matching t-shirts, and start ensuring that we get the resources we deserve (and/or preserve what we have!!!)


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