Music to my ears…

I was walking through Borders Bookstore on Saturday, perusing the reference section, when I heard music…sweet music…and I’m not talking about some Christmas CD blaring over the sound system:

Two 19 or 20-somethings in baggy pants and rock t-shirts, were walking by and one announces:
“You wanna go see if that have that one DVD over in the music and movies and stuff?”
“Well, why don’t we just go to the library and get it?”
“Oh yeah, we can do that…<starts singing made up jingle> the librarrry, berry, berry….liiiiibrrraaaaarrrrrrrreeee, let’s go to the library, brrrrarrry….”
and then the buddy starts giggling and jingling along and they wander off.

I almost did a touchdown dance right next to mathematics and engineering and wedding guides.  Awesome.

Which brings me to another point.  I am engaged and very happy about it all.  But completely against the planning process.  Eloping does sound awesome but the dude and I want a rocking dance party.  Anyways, the wedding guides and planning guides are next to mathematics and engineering in Borders reference.  I can see why…the tremendous mathematics of cake to people ratios and dwindling savings plus the engineering marvel of planning an event that takes into account the delicate balance of event timing, weather, publicly drunken relatives and the ever so dreaded YMCA dance.  You have to admit that the adjacency of the topics is funny.

And last thing…cool feature on MSN Travel today…Literary Wanderlust.


2 responses to “Music to my ears…

  1. Wow! Those kids wanted to go to the library instead of buying their item? Woo hoo!!! Hooray for the library!

    My DH and I have been married now for 17 years now. I was my parents’ only daughter and John was the youngest of 5 kids, so we were kind of expected to have a big ass wedding. It was lovely, but I gotta tell ya – might have been WAAAAY easier to take the $ and go off into the sunset. Just be sure to make the day something that YOU want. It’s all about you, babe. I’ll be sending happy matrimonial thoughts your way.

    Finally, homemade gifts are sweet. I happen to love the layered cookie and soup mixes in a jar. You can put a cute piece of fabric over the top with an adorable ribbon. Or, make someone a recipe from a book you’ve read. Very literary.

  2. Congrats! Very cool! Ok so I neglected your blog for a little bit and started to do some catching up. We just celebrated our 6th year and can back up the above. Really do what you want. And don’t give your man too hard a time if he isn’t interested in colors and finishing touches. 🙂

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