“This is the librarian call-in hour…”

Here in metro Detroit, everyone is on the very edge of their seat waiting to hear what will happen if the government does not grant a bailout to the Big Three.  It’s not just Detroit that is affected, but everywhere, I know.  However, to give you an idea of how car-centric Michigan is: In the summer people set up lawn chairs on the sides of big roads (Woodward Avenue) and car watch for vintage cars.  By the hundreds.  On any given day.  It’s a car crazy state.

Okay, on with my point…so radio stations are going nuts here.  I mean nuts.  Every morning it’s all you hear about…discussion of the bailout, discussion of how people will manage financially if they lose their jobs, lots and lots of fear and stress on the radio.

Librarians – WE NEED A RADIO SPOT.  Now, I know a lot of libraries have a radio show or a cable show.  But that’s not what I’m talking about.  If you are listening to your local radio over the next week or so and they are talking about economic slowdown and what solutions should be, CALL IN.  And don’t just call into public radio because that’s comfortable.  Calling public radio is like preaching to the choir…still a good idea, but they already know the message.  Call your area’s morning disc jockey show with a quick message.

– your name
– your library’s name
– name three resources your library offers (we offer free classes, resume writing books, and computer classes)
– and then as a “bonus” mention a cool resource (oh DJ Sammy Sam, I want to let listeners know that the Census is hiring this month, and you can visit their website at census.gov for more info)
– then close by saying something along the lines of “the librarians in our state are happy to help people out…we won’t even shush you, we promise” (this reinforces the state-wide element of libraries and humor is memorable…)

Don’t feel comfortable calling?  Then email your local DJs.  I just sent an email to a DJ this morning with a link to my article: http://www.ilovelibraries.org/news/topstories/toughtimes.cfm  and am going to listen in to a different show tomorrow morning to see if they are still on the topic.

C’mon guys and gals…let’s do it!

P.S. – Try to call the morning shows and the afternoon/drive home shows…those have the largest listenership and the audience is most captive…stuck in their cars, usually.


2 responses to ““This is the librarian call-in hour…”

  1. I was just thinking today how incredibly stressed out I feel after listening to the radio or watching the news. I’m thinking of taking up alcohol as a hobby. Calling into a radio station and telling them what we can do to help would probably be a better idea.

  2. calling in to radio shows: simple, easy, great idea!

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