Little library coffee shops…

A few weeks ago I had one of those days where I wish I had my camera, but of course I didn’t.  I was at a public library and they had a teeny tiny coffee shop.  At the far end of their circulation desk, they had cordoned off a small coffee area with large coffee and hot water dispensers.  They had built a canopy over the area so it stood out, and it was near the cashier area and easily viewable by the clerks to ensure that people paid.  It was a different spin on the coffee shop idea…a self serve style.  I guess if you were particularly hard pressed for time, space, money and/or personnel, you could also install one of those giant coffee vend machines popular at oh so many public highway rest stops across the country.

In recycling news, I got a cup of coffee recently in a cup from EcoProducts.  They have very reasonable prices for compostable food service products.  If you are working towards making your library green, then you might want to check them out for your coffee/snack shop.


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