That new airport smell…

So this afternoon I’m flying back to metro Detroit after spending a few days at the new job.  The Indianapolis International Airport experienced an overnight reincarnation, and in a span of four hours, all services were switched to a brand new airport.  And it’s sexy.  And it has that new airport smell…and an IPOD VENDING MACHINE!!!!  I had never seen one before.  I took a picture and will post it soon.

I think I was filmed by the local news asking a question about where my gate was.  Of course, I’m having a bad hair day.  Ah well, I can’t always be unbearably gorgeous.  😉

The new job…the last time I wrote I told I had ‘gone private’!  Yes, yes I have.  So, I’m working for Evanced Solutions in Indianapolis, Indiana.  They make a summer reading program management software, a rooms/reservations management software, and an events management/events notification software.  My title?  Coordinator of Customer Experience.  My job is to make sure that the libraries that use the product are happy.  And if they’re not, I fix it until they are happy.  That’s it.  I don’t sell stuff, I don’t try to make them spend more cash (which my company isn’t into either…they are actually not going to do a previously planned price increase because they realize how bad the economy is right now).  My main goal is to make sure libraries get the most value from their investment in the software.  Isn’t that cool?

Now, let me tell why that’s going to be great for my blog.  In the process of making sure that all those libraries are happy, I’m going to be touching base with over 800 libraries all over North America and a few in Australia.  What I get to learn about their innovation or ideas, I’m going to share with you, because, y’know, those are library ideas.  🙂

All right, well, I’m going to go get a hot dog…they’ve got a chili dog shop at the airport!  Yum!


One response to “That new airport smell…

  1. Dude – Come and shed light onto our group study rooms problem.

    So glad that you like your new job. They will just LOVE you there too.

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