Aaaaand…we’re back!

Where the hell have I been?

Well first, I made a long move from Detroit to Kansas City with two cars, a UHaul trailer, my parents, and a dog.  Lessons Learned: Parents are great (thanks mom and dad!), dogs have an uncanny ability to know when you are ordering ice cream at McDonalds, GPS sometimes lies – especially when you are driving on chaotic interstates through major metropolitan areas.

But then it gets even better, because this week I started my new job in…Indianapolis.  Huh?  Yeah, that’s right.  Through the power of telecommuting, I am going to be working in Indianapolis from Kansas City.  This week I flew to Indy to learn about my new job.

“But Christine…”, you say, “what type of library job allows you to telecommute in such a way?”
To which I respond…
“A job with a neat little company that provides libraries with software…”
and then you say…
“Don’t you mean a vendor?  Have you become a…gasp…vendor?”
and I say…
“Simmer down now!  Yes, I’m working for a vendor, but it’s going to be a learning experience for me, and for you too, my dear readers.  And I promise no sales pitches, because that is not my thing.”
and you respond
“Tell me more!”
And I say…
“Okay, I will tomorrow!”



One response to “Aaaaand…we’re back!

  1. Hey – I missed reading your blog!! How exciting to start a NEW job. Do tell about it – inquiring minds want to know.

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