A little conference reflection…

I’m in a bit of a rush today, but I wanted to jot down some of the big thoughts in my mind related to conference.

The group of librarians at MLA are clearly split: innovators and old guard.  And the two shall never see eye to eye.  The innovators are gushing about communities of practice, twitter feeds, and the use of tech in getting information to folks.  The old guard is grumbling about tenure, loud kids at the library and what they perceive as changes in the profession that will put us all out of a job.  C’mon, can’t we all just all get along?

Let’s get streamin’…a lot of the big talk at conference was about tagging, twitter, blogging, file sharing, etc.  It’s time to make a web resource center for the MLA conference that will aggregate live blogging, video streaming, twittering and photo sharing (aka flickr) so everyone can see it.  The minimal access aspect of the conference had a very 1990s feel to it.

But it’s easier to b**tch then say what went right, isn’t it?  Well, can I say that I loved the majority of the tech and advocacy programs.  Very well done.  Loved the key notes.  LOVED LOVED LOVED they layout of the conference and the wifi that didn’t require a log in – it was easy to use and consistent.  And it seemed like tech and service people were everywhere, so if you needed something, bam! there it was!

Lastly, can I just say that it was kind of a bummer that Brewster Kahle was speaking at the University of Michigan the first day of MLA conference.  That would have been a really cool webcast to have done…or if MLA had known farther in advance, what an incredible key note.  There is a disconnect in that series of events that I find odd.

Peace out, my peeps.  Have a good weekend.


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