Sunday Mornin’ and feelin’ sunny…

Just a Sunday morning thought…maybe the world needs fewer global summits, Congressional sub-committee meetings, angry protests, political debating, high-stress everything, financial worry and maybe more DANCING!  A reminder that for the most part, human beings are great…and giggling and dancing are the lingua franca.  Have a sunny Sunday!


2 responses to “Sunday Mornin’ and feelin’ sunny…

  1. That is sorta uplifting… and I can use an uplift today. Thanks!

  2. Love it! I saw this great video on SF Iam where the reporter goes to Seattle to try and track down Internet and You Tube sensation Matt Harding of Where the Hell is Fame:

    Find out the origins of Matt Harding’s fancy dance that has become a global InterWeb craze. Man, this guy has been fancy dancing all around the world for 5 years now, spreading happiness!

    Also, SF Iam has a lot of other great videos you should check out.

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