Anarchy pins coming soon!

Before I forget it completely, I need to post about a real conversation had at the library.  My internal thought filter was completely turned off that day.

The scene: Me sitting at the reference desk on a very slow day with a pile of “Read Banned Books” pins on the desk.  (Not the ones seen here, but similar).

Administrator: Read Banned Books huh?  You’re just trying to incite all sorts of chaos, aren’t you?
Me (completely deadpan): Well, it was either those or the “have promiscuous sex” pins.
**administrator giggles uncomfortably and looks like he can’t tell if I’m joking or not.**

I know.  I know.  Bad librarian.  Bad.  No treat for you! Go to your cage!

But good huh????


One response to “Anarchy pins coming soon!

  1. You go! Wish I could have been there : )

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