Daily Archives: September 22, 2008

Four Ways to Redecorate The Library

That are economical – of course!

1) Consider getting removable wallpaper. Try something like Wall Pops which allow you to reposition artsy dots and patterns over and over again until it’s “just right”.

2) Paint. A friend of mine is an interior decorator.  Give her a can of paint and a throw rug and she can make your house look totally different.  It’s amazing to me because I can’t even hammer a nail into a wall.  She has shown me how to get inexpensive paint hardware stores and builder supply companies.  Usually there is atleast one can of paint in the for sale bin that isn’t quite the right shade for someone, but could be the right shade for your library.  You don’t have to paint every wall that color.  If you have one particular wall that is very prominent, paint that.  Just remember to consider the furnishings of your library and also the color themes of your library image.  A common theme for your webpage, logo, and building, however subtle, can be very effective in maintaining an organizational identity.

3) Move the furniture around. It’s easy to be in a rut and think that your current setup is the only setup, but it doesn’t have to be.  Watch for natural patterns of library usage…if people tend to flow a particular way in your library, see if you can match that.  If certain areas tend to be noisier, try to cordone that off as a noise zone that won’t disturb others.

4) Posters, Paintings, Signage. You can find many low cost poster vendors online who sell prints of paintings and more.  Poster frames aren’t all the expensive and well placed art on a wall or easel can really change the way things looks.  This goes for signage too!  Creative signs at the end of shelving or new directional signs can contribute to the look and image of your library.  Again, if you are trying to maintain a particular theme, remember to incorporate it into your signage.

Get the entire staff involved in this.  It’s fun to work on a project like that together for brainstorming and implementation.