Change stinks.

In my personal life, I’m not good with change*.  I’m terrible at it.  When major change occurs in my life, I need at least two days to be grumpy, miserable, and down-right pathetic.  Then I get a second wind and drive on. That is for big change.  Little changes I’m better at.

So, I’m thinking about changing the design of my blog.  To…are you ready…a TWO column format.  And maybe a custom header.  I just want you all to know in case you are as change adverse as I am.  I think I’ll handle it well, but last week I did the annual “switching of the yearly planners” and spent a good ten minutes fretting about it.

Be prepared.  It could happen.  And if it doesn’t, well you were warned…I don’t like change.

*In my professional life, I love change.  Oooo!  A new process/gadget/system/bathroom soap dispenser/boss/employee/filing system/bundt cake recipe…


2 responses to “Change stinks.

  1. I don’t like change either. Please give us at least a one day warning before you switch to two columns.

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