Never talk about what you had for lunch

That’s one of the top blogging rules according to No One Cares What You Had for Lunch – 100 Ideas for Your Blog by Margaret Mason.

But for lunch on Monday – I had a highly productive meeting.  It was awesome.  I practiced my MONOTASKING! (If you don’t count the eating and cell phone answering.  Baby steps.)  My work buddy E and I finally pulled our thoughts, experiences and research together to build the framework of our vision for our MLA presentation.

This is what hard work looks like, my people:

We used white post-its for “big picture ideas” and pink post-its for each supporting slide.

Thank you Presentation Zen by Garr Reynolds!

We’re librarians, can you tell?

(warning: shameless plug in an attempt to get free food)
we have Panera Bread to thank for the four hours of non-stop work that was successfully completed!


One response to “Never talk about what you had for lunch

  1. Hey! I’m going to MLA in October too. How exciting that you get to do a presentation. I’m going to sit on my bottom and enjoy my day off of work… Excellent job monotasking, by the by.

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