Customer Service Rant #3,487,923

Okay, not a rant per se.  There was a pretty interesting article in MSN Money today about the things that grocery cashiers do that are annoying.  However, I’ve seen variations of all these things in libraries too!  No eye contact, not thanking a person for their business, etc. etc.

Click here to read the full article!

The best bit of advice: good customer service starts with management.  Wow!  Hold me back!  What a concept!  Everything starts with management – from good attitudes, to limiting gossip, to creating community and developing a standard of service.  The best leadership is by example, no?

Hmmm, this all reminds me of a recent post at Not Your Mother’s Weblog!  All I want is customer service.  Is this so much to ask?


2 responses to “Customer Service Rant #3,487,923

  1. Management is crucial, but it can start with an individual employee. See my attempt to further the discussion here:



  2. Thanks for the ping-back ; )

    My thoughts exactly – a little customer service goes a long way. We librarians already knew that though, right?

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