Miracles in software and things not to say to a priest…

So, first, an open letter:

Dear Creators of Deep Freeze and Vision Computor Monitoring Software:

Thank you for your awesome software creations.  By installing your systems on my computers, I have essentially stopped all downloading and non-essential use of the computers in my library.  When you serve up to 1000 campus community members, you can’t have all 7 of your computers being used by Mario Cart* players from 2PM-6:30PM.  You have allowed my library to be a place of calm, even though I have high school kids and graduate students using it simultaneously.

If I can ever say thanks in a more creative manner, let me know.  Donate a kidney, be your baby-mama, or cook you a lovely meal.  (I can definitely do the last one, not sure about the first two.)

Much Love to you both…C


Let me tell you what you shouldn’t say when you are the sole non-clergy member at a staff meeting.  DON’T walk in and say “Hey guys!  Check it out!  I wore my black shirt today too!”

Well, the nuns thought it was hilarious.

*Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of gaming, but not at my tiny library.  It simply does not work well in an academic situation.


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