Kitchen Fanatics

Hmmm, I have noticed a trend in public library staff kitchens.  (Keep reading, this is professionally relevant…er, sort of…)

1 – High quantity of signs – including at least one that demands all staff wash their dishes because ‘your mother does not work here’

2 – Most food and packaging has a date written on it in permanent marker.  Usually in very neat teacher handwriting.

3 – A freezer packed with ice cream and popsicles – some from as far back as the early 80s. (Because people tend to not throw out the items with the dates written on them.)  Generally these are leftovers from some story time or teen activity.

4 – A very large container brimming with pop cans.  Because librarians do have the tendency to consume massive quantities of caffeine.

Hmmmm…yes.  That about sums it up.  OH!  I almost forgot the magazines.  Lots of magazines.  And catalogs.  Many non-book related catalogs.  Mary Kay and Avon catalogs.  Never seen any hunting or sports gear catalogs.  Poor male librarians.  Poor, poor guys.

I take comfort in knowing that those are the regular sights in most, if not all library kitchens.  If anything, we’re kind of predictable creatures.


4 responses to “Kitchen Fanatics

  1. First time I saw ‘your mother does not work here’ was actually at UM-Dearborn at the Mardigian Library break room. Similar signage at WSU’s Undergrad Library. I guess some librarians can’t help but be slobs if they’re not reminded of common sense manners.

  2. Order at work — chaos at home! (or in the back room as the case may be)

  3. Sounds EXACTLY like our kitchen here. I mean exactly. Scary.

  4. Actually, Your Mother doesn’t work in industry, either. Be thankful that Library Breakrooms don’t have music from the loudspeakers. Soft Drink vending machines everywhere are all very noisy. There aren’t many leftovers at the Library I where I work. That’s because I’m there. I’m the guy that can eat more than “Jaws” at a sitting, and not gain a pound. Females that gain weight from looking at a pretzel glare at me.

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