Libraries In Coffee Shops

Lots of libraries are building coffee shops.  That’s the in thing to do.  Many libraries are hosting their book clubs at coffee shops.  But I was just at a coffee shop grand opening and I began to wonder…maybe libraries should start putting some items in coffee shops? 

This could be done in many ways, but the most immediate to me are:
1) Take nicer book donations and place a library sticker (with contact information) inside or on the book.  Ask the coffee shop owners if they would be willing to let you have a shelf or part of a shelf to put those books on or let you put them on tables here and there.  (Beware of cluttering up the shop, however!)  Create some signage about enjoying a free book (that they can take home and keep if they want!) with their cup of joe, and you get advertising that lasts!

2) All those big and beautiful picture books/coffee table books that are donated or are weeded…why not put them on coffee shop tables with a template inside the book…”This book brought to you by the Pleasant Town Public Library – Visit us on 123 North Street or at!”

I’m sure someone must be doing something like this!  If your library already is…let me know! 

As an aside, Michigan-based Biggby Coffee is a growing chain that works with local groups to put on coffee fundraisers.  Something to think about!


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