Daily Archives: July 13, 2008

The Planetary Computer

If you get Wired Magazine, then you saw the article entitled “The Planetary Computer” from the July 2008 issue.  If you don’t get Wired Magazine, then click the link because all issues are online…even the most current.  As the article description says, “Want to tap into a 12-million-teraflop megacomputer?  You’ve already got your own terminal.  Check it out – it’s right in your pocket”.  It’s an ambitious attempt to summarize all the info created, how it’s linked, and where it comes from…and it should make librarians think a bit about where we fit into all that information.

The idea that every time we use this megacomputer, we are in essence programming it, is pretty fascinating stuff.

And I enjoy reading the comments people leave on the article…there are some interesting links there too.