Not at conference…

I have yet to attend an ALA conference.  I’m considering going to a Mid-Winter conference in Denver and next year’s annual conference will be in Chicago, a mere 4 hour train ride.

Not attending conference leaves you with a sense of being “locked out” in some ways.  A lot of people don’t attend conference, so I’m not alone, but I feel that there is a need to create a real-time experience (or the illusion of one) for those of us not attending.  It can be done…The Next Web Conference does a great job of helping to link those who can’t attend with things that are going on – sometimes even via live video stream.

I do appreciate ALAs use of wikis and blogging…I’m using the blog list to get a feel for what’s going on, thanks to the Sharing section of the webpage and it’s Blogging Annual link and am going to cruise on over to Flickr ALA 2008 to check out pics (true to librarian form, there are many pics of food).


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