Is your brain fit?

The above article was on CNN this morning.  Libraries host spelling bees, kids activities, computer classes…why not start offering these sorts of brain fitness classes too?  It would draw on the already large baby boomer population that comes in, and in some cases might increase it.


3 responses to “Is your brain fit?

  1. Alameda County Library (CA) and our Older Adult Services Librarian just finished a series of workshops called “Whole Brain Workout”. Memory skills as well as information on what is regular memory loss due to aging and when it is a medical problem that needs a doctor’s attention. It was very popular.

  2. mylibraryideas

    OOOooooo….thanks! How cool! I’m definitely going to tell my public library pals about your program. Sounds great!

  3. Hello,

    This is Alvaro Fernandez from SharpBrains (quoted in the article). And I couldn’t agree more than public libraries can play an excellent role through classes and information resources. Could we envision libraries as “brain fitness information centers?”.

    Would some of you be willing to brainstorm ideas? You can write us at: information at sharpbrains dot com.

    You can take a look at our blog,

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