Daily Archives: June 1, 2008

Book Expo Trends Are Library Trends…


How does this reflect upon the library world?

What are the effects of Jeff Bezos and the ABA doing huge presentations about their visions of change in the book profession – especially as it relates to independent booksellers. Is it time for the ALA and indie book sellers to form an alliance of some sort?

I didn’t get to read all of the article but I will this afternoon. It’s interesting and far-reaching, really.

1/5 of Americans Have Never…

used Email. Or a variety of other computer-y things, for that matter.


Hmmm…so there’s why librarianship and tech services often (and should) collide, why we should always offer classes, why we should always offer computers, why we should be the most patient public servants so we can help folks…

As the world becomes increasingly tech, there is still a segment of the population that does not embrace the trend for a variety of reasons. I don’t blame them for their reasons and I envy them a bit, to be honest. It is our job to make information, communication and knowledge available to those who cannot and/or will not join the tech crowd.

And if they choose to join up, then we must be there to help them with a smile and patience.