Daily Archives: May 27, 2008

things you shouldn’t post

Um, I’m in the process of looking for a new job. And it’s annoying me. I hate lying to my employer (i’m sick, again…cough!) and the nervousness is just not healthy.

But I need to say some things and get them off my chest….call it my “Job Seekers Manifesto”

Dear Potential Employers:

Read my resume please. Actually look at. I fit it on two pages, like you asked. I printed in a nice font and I took extra care to be concise but clear. READ IT.

I’m sorry if I’m not from your state. Consider me anyways. I’m not applying to out of state jobs for my health. I’m applying because I’m actually interested. If I didn’t want to live in your state and I wasn’t serious I wouldn’t apply. Ask the libraries in Idaho, they have not gotten a single resume from me. I don’t want to live in Boise. (no offense, Boise.)

It was a cover letter. Don’t analyze every single freaking word, because quite frankly I don’t remember the exact “unique project your library has” when I wrote it. It took you three months to respond to me, so no, I don’t know what I was referring to. Okay, you have a right to analyze every freaking word, but I’m nervous enough so don’t be so f***ing critical.

Call me, email me, do something. I jump through hoops to fax my forms, in a particular order, on a particular day so that you will get it and be happy. I’m busy too. But I do it. Now just take three seconds and write me a note saying “I got your resume, thank you. We will let you know if you have an interview or not in three weeks. Please don’t call again, you over-anxious loser.” At this point, I’d be super freaking happy with that.

Pay me what I’m worth. I worked my a$$ for my masters. I’ve got bills to pay back. At least pay me a competitive wage. (And to those of you taking jobs at a less then competitive wages, stop it. You’re screwing over your working buddies and it’s pissing us all off…)

Okay, I feel better now.  Thanks.