Daily Archives: May 24, 2008

one more thing

One of the language teachers was complaining about her kids not taking advantage of conversation time in class.  So I said “why don’t you come to the library and we can set up a videoconference with another French/Spanish/Italian class in the area…they’ll be kind of forced to speak in the language then, won’t they?  Or we can try to contact a school in Quebec/France/Mexico/Italy and see if they want to videoconference…”

Insert blank look from teacher here.

We can do this people, we really can.  Technology is no longer out of our reach.  Let’s just push the envelope as far as we can.  This isn’t rocket science and I know other schools are doing it.  And they’re doing it at LIBRARIES.

This is the new age of high school media centers.  We don’t just check out the DVD player to you.  We host web and video conferencing and help you set up RSS feeds.  😉


Listserv frenzy…

I’m drowning in listservs.  It’s crazy really.  I need a better way to manage them all…

I’m going to attempt to list all the different ways to access professional information…this is for me, not for you, so sorry if it’s boring…

okay, so there’s

magazines (from the ALA, MLA, etc)
whatever random mail you get from your associations

that’s it? no wait…

chit chatting with other librarians
sometimes there’s social networking sites

okay.  i know there’s more than this…well, i suppose information can only come in so many forms until we really can do vulcan mind-mells or whatever they are called.  How nerdy am I?????