Hey kids, it’s story time…

That We the People bookshelf that I won has books for grades K-12.  So I’m hard pressed to find good use for about half of them, even though they are gorgeous and informative.  I only have high school kids and grad students, so I was struggling with what to do with “The Ugly Ducking” and “Pink and Say”…

Solution:  I called the elementary/middle school across the street and we are going to do story time together next year.  The kids from the high school will read the books and create mini civics lessons and then walk across the street to the elementary and do story time and a class.  I see this as a win-win and I’m glad that the little kids will get a chance to use the books too.

I wonder if I have to get a field trip waiver for the high school students to walk across the street?


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