Simple terms…

I had to come up with a way to describe PHP to my boss today.  (Boss wants to know why the website isn’t working, tech-dude won’t download PHP…you see my problem) No easy task, I discovered.  I barely understand it myself and then I had to tell the boss-person.  The same person who recently went into barely containable panic because the office computer monitor stopped working…because it was unplugged.

So my PHP explaination went something like this:

PHP is like…well, it helps with the website by…it’s a tool that…um, we need to put it on the server so it can help organize information.

That seemed to make the boss-person happy.  But really, I need to start hunting for a website that uses the most simple terms to describe tech things.  I mean, incredibly basic terms here.  I looked online for a good PHP explanation and it meant nothing to me.  Tech terms for first graders…yes, perfect.


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