My So-Called Book Club

It’s that time of year where you look over your shoulder and take a hard look at all the stuff you did at work during the academic year.  My book club was a total bummer.  It wasn’t that it didn’t have immense potential…I think they books were interesting, the format was well-planned…but there just wasn’t a lot of community involvement.  The campus is small and folks are pretty uninvolved with just about everything.  Plus I think the book club was intimidating…just the whole concept.  Maybe next year’s fliers for it should say something like “you need not have brilliant wit or intense philosophical thoughts to attend”?  It would take pressure off but I’d probably offend people…damn.  Or (gasp) maybe I will learn that it was not the uninterested masses and it may have been my book club content…………………….naw.

My newest geeky obsession btw is the National Geographic Genographic Project.  It’s been around a while, but it has gotten better and it’s neat to trace your various genetic traits across a map.


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